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What if I told you that free and easy high PR links still exist?
And I told you how to get them?
Well, that’s good.
So, what we know is, Tumblr is magic for PR.  So we’ll cut to the chase, we’re looking for “dropped” accounts.  We need to scrape using scrapebox or Hrefer to find tumblr subdomains.  Then we ping them, many will be dead or 404 errors.
Next we check the PR of the “dead” tumblr subdomains.  If they are dead AND they have PR then go and register that name.  I got 5 PR 3 subdomains for free in 20 minutes using this technique.
So, do you have Scrapebox?  If not, it’s an essential tool for finding targets of all descriptions and checking current campaigns, Google for it, don’t spend more tha $57.  I won’t link to it.
CLICK HERE to see the video and the free list.  Nothing to buy.
All the warrior Gurus are selling cookie cutter mobile app makers…  maybe that will work.  I won’t slam it because I haven’t tried it.  But SEO still works despite people screaming about Penguins ;)



For getting top rankings, you need high PR backlinks. PR Plunder will build high PR links to all your sites and pages!

(Updated 26th June 2012)

In the world of SEO, it’s survival of the fittest! You need link POWER…

Since Panda arrived, ONE thing has become clear…

We need to re-focus our efforts on Quality! Not just for our content, but our backlinks as well. Most people find it easy to think about and measure HIGH LINK QUALITY with PageRank.

How Many High PR Backlinks do you have?

Many people think getting a profile page on a popular high PR site such as Delicious or Reddit is a high quality link. Those links do have their purposes, those people are WRONG.

My best high PR links are PR7!

That means they’re dofollow text links on actual pages with PR7… I’m NOT talking about the domain having PR7, I mean the exact PAGE my link is on is PR7 (I have to clear that up, a lot of people ask me about the difference).

Now that’s post-Panda quality!

So who am I? Michael Carlin

I’m Michael Carlin, a full time SEO who has made more than $140,000 in the last year from many different revenue streams, mainly from affiliate sales through social and organic traffic and also software creation. There’s a good chance you found this page by searching Google. Maybe you noticed PRplunder.com ranks at the top of the page for “High PR Backlinks” and “High PR links”… I know what works when it comes to getting top search engine rankings!

IF You’re New To SEO…

If you are, you should know that ONE link from a PR7 page is worth TENS of THOUSANDS of “easy” links that other link-building softwares build.

Why? Because Google is NOT stupid, they know these links are cheap and easy and Google has lowered their value with every update for the last 18 months.

The High PR Links Packets you are used to seeing are actually PR0 pages, on high PR Sites! The specific pages themselves are worth nothing!

So which is best? Spending weeks building thousands of profile links and blog comments, or spending 5 minutes with PR Plunder getting high quality, rare links from high PR PAGES (not just domains, like with “link-packets”).

Enter… Truly High PR Backlinks, on PR6+ PAGES

How Does PR Plunder work?

  • The software takes your keyword and website details and submits it to high PR pages (not just domains)
  • It automatically creates the accounts necessary to do this
  • PR Plunder can work through dozens of accounts at a time
  • Use Decaptcher BeatCaptcha or Death By CAPTCHA or enter CAPTCHAs manually
  • Proxy support option to protect your identity
  • It posts your dofollow AUTO-APPROVED text links to target pages
  • You get link reports for every target and keyword you target
  • You can link to any page you wish! Send high PR backlinks your existing backlinks!

With this software I include 2 MASSIVE target lists with thousands of high PR backlinks:

2 PR 7 pages

136 PR 6 pages

1266 PR 5 pages

7100+ PR 4 pages

These are the PageRanks of the PAGES, the EXACT pages you put your links on! They will not saturate (explained in videos)!

Not only that, but I show you how to find your very own. You can find new PR 7 pages that no one else has found before!

So, Why Not Use Other Link Building Software?

Put simply, no other software posts to the same targets as PR Plunder. I use SEnukeX, ScrapeBox, and other link builders regularly… but none of them target high PR pages, only high PR domains.

In fact I have never heard of any other software that can hit high PageRank pages and get links EVERY SINGLE TIME, like PR Plunder can!

There are other link-building programs which have their uses, but they are as expensive as $169 EVERY MONTH, and again…


So, PR Plunder is special because it puts your DoFollow text links on high PR pages for maximum link juice, and search engine boasting power! Also, it costs less than one-month’s subscription to many of the other current software.

Why don’t other Link-Builders target the same webpages as PR Plunder?

Simply, they don’t know about the little loop hole that these targets have! Yes, I know everyone says “we found a loophole”, but seriously PR Plunder can get high PR auto-approve links because there truly is a loop hole.

PR Plunder interacts with the web code that protects this loophole. I guarantee results with this software or you can have a 100% refund.

OWN Google with your money site! The video guides explain how to gather masses of PageRank so Google loves your website.

How Much $$$ Are High PR Backlinks Worth?

Most of you will know that you can buy high PR links individually. But they can cost $10-$70 per month, and you won’t be getting DoFollow PR6, or PR7 page links for that price either. If you did this for ALL your sites and web properties then it is going to get very expensive, very quickly.

I’m offering PR Plunder for a One-off Price of $27.

PR Plunder is worth much more than this, no other software hits these link targets and PR5 and PR6 DoFollow text links are rare, and GOLDEN.

Once you own the software, all future updates will be FREE (35 updates already made) and automatically sent to you. You do not have to uninstall or re-install anything because my software makes updating simple, and automatic.

However I am adding even more new features, so if you want to get it at this special price of $27 you need to buy soon because I will be changing PR Plunder into a monthly subscription service. I have a reputation for plain speaking, and I have already closed another software down because it was only offered at a low price for a limited time. I’m not going to mess around with false scarcity, once my membership site is set up I will be closing this sales page down so I can get paid monthly for all the software updates I do.

High PR Backlinks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let me tell you something, the whole “30-day-guarantee” is sometimes used as a marketing trick. People say this so you don’t feel rushed, and they hope you will forget about the guarantee later.

Think about it. If they said “2 day guarantee”, you would check it out immediately so you can get refund if you need to. If they say 180 day guarantee, you might download it and then forget about it because you’re busy… Everyone has done this, including me!

Some people will buy every $9 ebook, and dream of being an internet marketer. Now, if you’re here, you’re a link-builder like me. We link-builders TAKE ACTION, we are not dreamers, we want to work to be successful!

So, get PR Plunder and try it out risk-free for 30 days, don’t leave it on your hard-drive “for later” and forget about it.

You WILL get many many PageRank 6+ links or I will eat my hat… I have used this software to get hundreds of DoFollow PR5-7 page backlinks to my websites.

Other notes: PR Plunder works on Windows, if you use a Mac you will need to run it through Parallels or other virtual software. You will be sent software license details automatically after payment. To use PR Plunder most effectively you need to have a hosting account due to the unique way PR Plunder builds links.

So to wrap up, what do you get?

  1. PR Plunder, so you can build DoFollow PR4-7 page (not just domains) high PR backlinks today.
  2. My personal list of 8400+ PR47 target pages to drop links on.
  3. Strategy video shows how to massively Plunder PageRank, making a HUGE net of high PR Sites powered up by high PR backlinks!
  4. All future updates for free (30+ updates made already!).
  5. Training Videos, including how to find hundreds of high PR pages with ScrapeBox!


PR Plunder can grab the best high PR links on the internet for you in the next 10 minutes. Do you recognize a good deal when you see it? Remember it won’t be here at this price for long.

Product is no longer for sale

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